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Swimming Pool Maintenance First Month Special

Apr 4, 2019 – Apr 11, 2019

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Pool Company in Rancho Cucamonga

Choosing the right pool cleaning company is essential if you want to keep it clean and in good condition for an extended period.

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    Pool service Rancho Cucamonga provides daily and weekly pool cleaning for residential swimming pools and commercial spas. A weekly pool service not only includes treating your pool but also providing high wind cleanups, call your local pool experts today for a free quote. Review pool equipment and verify that everything is operating properly Rinse out skimmer and pump baskets of all debris Vacuum pool bottom Remove large debris and leaves If necessary clean out or backwash filter Test and balance the water chemistry Fill chlorinator or chlorine packs if necessary Leave a written report of work done and chemicals used that visit


a month ago
I cannot say enough good things about Blue Waters Pool Services and the crew. When we bought a house in Rancho Cucamonga with a pool, my husband did A LOT of research on pool service companies and ultimately chose Blue Waters. We have been beyond happy with every aspect of the service. They do an amazing job!
- Stephen M
2 months ago
Hands down the most reputable, responsible and reliable pool service professionals we have ever had! Nothing but a great experience since we hired Blue waters pool services four years ago. They know what they are doing and will keep your pool fresh and clean in summer and winter. They are friendly and take the time to explain issues to us if any ever arise. We have recommended them to our neighbors in Rancho Cucamonga who are equally happy with them.
- Tyler G
a month ago
I tried Big and small companies pool companies, new and old businesses and spent days trying to choose the best. The whole process and cost was a little overwhelming. There were different levels of pool service and some guys have ZERO experience not certified who just one day decided to be pool guys. The owner of Blue Waters Pools Services came to our home and was very flexible and straight forward. His price wasn't the cheapest but was all in and was very upfront about breaking down the cost. He knows his stuff! He has been in the business for over 40 years and I enjoyed that his father, grandfather and son are all in the business. In the end we are super happy with my choice our pool looks amazing and loving the fun it has brought to our life.
- Henry D

About us

Why Automatic Pool Cleaners Are Worth Your Money in Rancho CucamongaΒ 

Owning a pool is definitely something to be proud of. For starters, it offers you the freedom of relaxing and enjoying some leisure time in the water on those hot summer days. However, when it comes to pool ownership, pleasuring yourself is only the tip of the iceberg. Pool cleaning and maintenance is one of the biggest, if not the only, hurdles that pool owners have to deal with. The importance of maintaining your pool clean cannot be understated by any means.

Pool cleaning is very exhausting and can take up much of your time. The much-needed time that you would rather spend unwinding or attending to your personal affairs. Hiring a pool cleaning company is an option, but it can be quite expensive. Fortunately, advancements in technology have brought pool owners the perfect solution to mitigate these challenges. Automatic pool cleaners are fast gaining popularity among pool owners, and it isn't difficult to see why. They significantly reduce the amount of time and energy required to clean a pool. However, one question still lingers, are automatic pool cleaners worth the money?

Read on to find out why you should definitely consider acquiring an automatic pool cleaner.

Automatic Pool Cleaners Help Make The Pool Cleaner And More Hygienic

Automatic pool cleaners are efficient in scrubbing the pool walls and floor ensuring that the pool is thoroughly clean. They ensure that all spots, deep and shallow, are dealt with making the cleaning process more impactful. There are also some models that assist in the chemical treatment of your pool.

Automatic Pool Cleaner Are Very Effective And Efficient

Worth noting is the fact that automatic pool cleaners are able to get rid of all types of debris and unwanted substances in your pool. This includes leaves, twigs, algae build-ups and other types of debris. In addition, they are able to achieve their tasks within a shorter amount of time as compared to manual cleaning. This means that in case you get some unexpected guests who might wish to enjoy your pool, you can have it ready for them in time.

Less Pool Chemical Usage

Maintaining a proper balance of chemicals in the pool water is essential. You definitely don't want a pool ridden with chemicals. Since the automatic pool cleaners are effective in cleaning the entire pool while also getting rid of algae and bacteria, your pool won't require a high amount of disinfectants.

Cost Effective

With an automatic pool cleaner, you don't require as much labor to keep your pool clean. Since most of us don't have the time to clean their pools, hiring cleaning personnel is usually the next option. Since it is a labor intensive task, the cost may run high.

Robotic pool cleaners are energy efficient since they don't require a lot of power to run efficiently. This means that you don't have to deal with high electricity bills.

Extends The Life Of The Pool's Filter System

The effectiveness and efficiency of automatic pool cleaners minimize the strain on the pool's filter system since it doesn't have to work too hard. This ensures that the filter system lasts for an extended period of time.

It is definitely worth considering owning an automatic pool cleaner. As a pool owner, acquiring this amazing device goes a long way in ensuring that your pool maintenance is cheaper and much more convenient. It is, however, important to consider your pool size, budget and the functionality of the model you intend to purchase before making the final decision.

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